Cherry on Top Bakery


Hello, My name is Suzanne Upchurch.  I come from a long line of southern women who know their way around a kitchen--especially when it comes to dessert!  The celebrations of my childhood led me to develop a serious sweet tooth and passion for confections that taste as good as they look.  I truly believe that when it comes to dessert, pretty is as pretty TASTES! 

In 2007, while working at a local wedding venue, I was in awe of the elaborate cakes that were being served.  Sadly, when I had the opportunity to taste these gorgeous creations, I was disappointed to find that flavor was nothing special.  Let's face it, when you grow up indulging in baked from scratch desserts made only with the finest ingredients and filled with natural flavors, you can never settle for less. 

Since then, I've been working on a business model that combines my love for life and its special moments with my passion for decadent desserts.  I've mixed it liberally with the time-tested recipes, and folded in my own fun, fresh designs to create cakes that will be the Cherry on Top of every special occasion in your life.